I admit it, I practice voodoo, witch doctor medicine, or as some people call it Chinese medicine. What I practiced was a medicine that had been continuously developed on billions of people for over 5,000 years. However, to people here in the United States, it was called alternative and I had to routinely weather the harshest of insults from some very intelligent doctors who were well educated. Chinese medicine, that is acupuncture and the worlds most advanced system of plant medicine, is lumped in with crystal healing, necromancy, and snake oil salesman.

The question I often asked myself was, “How could a group of intelligent, educated people, schooled in critical thinking, not see that what they do was not the only effective medicine ever created by humans?”. I talked to as many doctors who would have a conversation to figure out the answer. As it turned out, very few would, or could, engage in that conversation. For example, there was a time when my son ate some rotten, raw shrimp and got sick from it.

He began to hallucinate, was disoriented and was very scared. I took him to the emergency room, not knowing that he had shellfish poisoning. After all manner of tests, including having 4 pathologists examine the case, no one knew the answer to why my son had gotten sick. When they had asked me what my son had eaten, or taken, over the last couple weeks, I had told them that about a week ago, for a few days, I had given him a tincture of an herbal formula for a cold he had. The attending physician asked me about the formula and I explained to her that I was a licensed acupuncturist, and had a master’s degree in herbal medicine. I assured her that the herbs were not the cause. Simply due to the fact that it had been a week since I’d last given him it was enough to deduce that there was no way it was the herbs. However, the doctors were convinced it was the herbs, even though there was no logical reason to even suspect them.

This scenario is not uncommon. You see, what Western medicine calls alternative is another way of saying “things they didn’t study”. They are told in school that they are learning everything known about medicine and the human body, but that is far from the truth.

You will find that you can easily learn about exceptional methods of healing yourself, that have plenty of validation of their good effects, that a doctor will know nothing about. Just because your doctor isn’t familiar with them doesn’t mean they’re worthless. These ways of healing yourself can, many times, be far superior to anything your doctor can offer. However, because they are not familiar with them, they will usually tell you they do not work or are dangerous and try to convince you to stop doing them or to never try.

Keep in mind, that a doctors tendency to respond to medical knowledge they aren’t familiar with, is only because they were indoctrinated into a culture that tells them they are the only ones that are right. They are not the only ones that have learned ways of healing the human body. They are good at what they do, however, what they know is only a portion of the knowledge that human beings have accumulated when it comes to healing the body.

The moral of the story is, don’t take it personally when a doctor responds in a hostile way when you ask them about alternative medicine. Your asking the wrong person. They don’t know, and just want you to listen to them. They have confidence in their methods, even if they know they don’t work, over something they know nothing about.

As strange as this may sound, it is what it is. A better thing to do is to educate yourself on the method you think might help1 and search out people who are qualified to talk about what you’re interested in. This is one of  the incredible benefits of the internet age and medicine. You no longer have to rely on your doctor to provide you information. They are not the only ones with good information. Indeed, they are only experts on a small portion of medical information.

Take control of your healthcare. If you aren’t satisfied with the care you’re getting, then search out a new path. Search out people who can help you find the way. There are thousands of people online willing to help!

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