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I lived and worked in San Diego, CA for over 15 years. During that time I had the privelege and good fortune to work with many members of the armed services, both active duty and veterans. Of all the different populations of people I’ve worked with, I love working with members of the military the most. I see too many situations where veterans have not gotten the help they deserve to live the best life after service. Military veterans deserve better. The VA only does so much. As your fellow American I want  to serve you as you have served this great country.
I experienced a serious injury when I was 18, that could have really slowed me down. I thought I would never be the same again. Instead I fully recovered. That’s what I want for you. So many veterans live with pain, injury, and disability when they don’t have to. I want to provide you with a method to regain the function you’ve lost and get rid of the pain. I want to help give you the results you need.

My Specialties

Individual Consulting

When you need detailed instruction and support to work through pain and injury on your way to being a high performance veteran.

online courses

The online course is designed to educate and provide a strategy for you to relieve yourself of nagging injuries.

Support community

Join the Facebook group, High Performance Veteran, and get the ongoing support you need while you work through your recovery strategy.


Listen to the Clear Guide To Health Podcast on Stitcher and iTunes. Listen to interviews with vets , and professionals with the information you need to succeed.

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