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Private Coaching/Mentoring

Coaching sessions will guide you through making a strategy for recovery, and help you start to overcome pain and disability.


What's Included


A free 45 minute consultation will start the process so we can get to know exactly where you're at and where you need the most support.


I want to be available throughout the process so that you stay focused and clear on what steps need to be taken each day on the way to success.


Every injury is different and every plan has to be designed for your unique situation.

Assignments & accountability

It isn't always easy to keep going. You'll have myself, and members of the community holding you accountable and keeping you on track.

Detailed session

We will create an action summary after privae sessions so I know you are absolutely clear on what needs to be done.

Quick Check

Drop me a quick email anytime if you have questions or doubts and difficulties.

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Coaching Packages


4 Sessions/month/$1995

Weekly, hour long, coaching sessions will maximize our ability to fine tune what you are doing and give you the support and techniques you need to get rid of injury and pain. 


2 Sessions/month/$995

When you are more self motivated and focused, you may only need check in every couple weeks and make sure everything is on track. 


1 Session/month/$495

A great way to supplement the online course by having a little individual input once a month so you know you are on the right track.